Thank you for visiting my website! In my blog I will be writing about some of my favorite photographs, the story behind the photos, what inspires me, and any exciting news. So have fun reading, and I hope it inspires you, too.

Tree Tunnel in Jensen Beach, Florida

January 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


     This week I edited and uploaded new photos to my website! They are all from Jensen Beach, Florida; I cannot believe how many good photos I took all in one day. Every scene captivated me. 


     The Tree Tunnel photos were taken at the entrance of the beach area. Branches of trees grew into each other, making a canopy arch over the path that leads to the beach. It was beautiful. The tunnel created welcoming shade on a hot day. I could hear the sound of ocean waves as I walked closer to the end of the tunnel. Once I reached the opening at the end, I could see the open expanse of the beach and Atlantic Ocean and feel the warm ocean breeze. I walked along the beach to find thousands of shells, people fishing in rough surf, and damage from a recent storm. I'll write about that in my next blog post.





      Wishing you a warm and happy day,


Liesl Walsh Photography is on Facebook

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Liesl Walsh PhotographyLiesl Walsh Photography


     I am excited to announce a new Facebook page for Liesl Walsh Photography! I will be announcing updates to my website on it so that you may know when I add more photos or have exciting news. You will also learn more about the story behind some of my photos. You may find the link to my Facebook page on the bottom of my website home page. Or you can go to my Facebook page here:


     Please "like" the page to receive the updates. Thank you!

The Story Behind the Logo of Liesl Walsh Photography

December 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Japanese IrisJapanese IrisJapanese iris from Liesl Walsh's garden; watercolor effect applied.


     Welcome to my website! I am excited to share with you the many treasured moments and breathtaking scenes I have discovered while taking photos in Florida. Florida constantly inspires me. 

     So what is the story behind my logo? I chose a photo that meant a lot to me. It goes way back to the beginning of my photography journey. It is a purple Japanese iris that grew in my garden before I lived in Florida.  I'll never forget the day I got the iris. I filled my car entirely with them, covering all the floors and seats. The car weighed down and smelled like earth. I surrounded my garden with them, and they spread quickly, being a focal point of the garden.

     I documented the growth of my garden often with photography. I was amazed at how it changed over the years, getting more full and lush with time. It was a delight. This is when my husband gave me my first digital camera. And a whole new world of editing opened up to me. I could turn my photos into paintings and drawings! As a former art teacher, this was exciting! I turned this photo into a watercolor.

     When we moved to Florida, I began entering photo competitions, and this was one of my first entries. It did very well! I challenged myself to enter each month, purchased my first DSLR camera, and by the end of the year I had 30 ribbons, a photo at the King Center Gallery of Brevard College, and three photos displayed in the Vero Beach Art Museum. Since then I have had photos printed for publication in the Vero Beach Magazine and Florida Currents Magazine.

     It has been a fun journey using my artist eye in photography. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy the photos!