Beverly Levi-Parker(non-registered)
So enjoyed experiencing your art. Absolute magic!
Kathleen Struckle(non-registered)
Beautiful work Liesl. Great site.
Carol Wedeven(non-registered)
You definitely have a keen eye for design and color, Liesl. Your photos, dynamic, full of life and depth! I'm so proud of you! Mom
Nancy Mackay(non-registered)
Holy Cow the cows are are great addition to your collection. Keep up the good work.
Love, Nancy:)
Vern Wedeven(non-registered)
Amazing art through digital imaging and editing. Proud of my daughter too!
Christina Maguire(non-registered)
These are all AMAZING!!! This website is fabulous too! Great job Liesl!
Kelli Swaagman(non-registered)
Amazing Liesl-Congratulations!!
Jo chaney(non-registered)
Great job on this website Liesl! Your images are beautiful and a wonderful sample of your talent.
Scott King(non-registered)
WOW! Beautiful pictures. The colors are tremendous!
Julie Strater(non-registered)
Beautiful photography!!
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