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My favorite animals to photograph are pink flamingos. I am captivated by their amazing ability to pose in so many ways with grace and beauty. I have spent hours watching them roam freely around the gardens at Jungle Gardens, in Sarasota, Florida where you can walk right up to them and feed them out of your hand. They are very gentle and fun to watch. They often tuck their bill into their feathers to take a nap. Sometimes they will all honk at the same time and move their heads in synchronization as they run across the grass. They like to wade their bills back and forth in the water looking for something to eat. I made both color and dramatic black and white photos of them. Most of these images were taken at Jungle Gardens in Sarasota, some of them were taken at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida.
AwakeAwake, Black and WhiteFlamingo FamilySnuggledSnuggled, Black and WhiteFlamingo CenteredFlamingo StillnessElegant Flamingo PreeningFlamingo in the TropicsI'm Thinking About FloridaProtectedProtected, Black and WhiteFlamingo MovesFlamingo Moves, Black and WhiteTucked Into FeathersTucked Into Feathers, Black and White

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