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In early June 2016 the Seine River flooded in Paris, 15 to 17 meters above its normal level, submerging lower walkways, trees, and water taxi stands along the river. Boats could no longer fit underneath the ornate bridges so water traffic ceased for about a week until the waters receded. The Louvre and Musee' d'Orsay closed for nearly a week and moved masterpieces to higher levels in the museums for safety. In the flood of 1910 the Seine River levels were 28 meters above normal, which brought the water over the banks of the river into the streets. You can see both before and after pictures of the 2016 flood in this gallery.
Boat Going Under Pont au Change in Paris, Blk WhtPont au Change at St. Germaine in Paris, Blk WtSeine Flooding At Pont Au Change, ParisBatobus Traveling Seine River In Paris, Blk WhtLove Locks Near Pont Neuf, Paris, Black And WhiteLove Locks Near Pont Neuf, ParisPont Neuf Bridge After Flood In ParisPont Neuf Bridge After Flood In Paris, Blk WhtWalkway Along Seine River Near Louvre, Blk WhtWalking Towards Notre Dame in Paris, Blk WtSeine River Flooding Near Notre Dame, Blk WhtSubmerged Building Along Seine River, ParisSeine River Flooding At St. Germaine, Paris, Blk WhtBoat Moored in Paris Near Notre DameSeine River Flooding at Iron Bridge, Paris, Blk WhtNotre Dame At Flooded Seine River, Blk WhtSeine River Flooding at Notre DameSculptures on Paris Bridge, Black and WhiteBridge in Paris Before Seine River Flood, Blk WhtFlooded Walkway Along the Seine River, Paris

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