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Claude Monet's garden and home in Giverny, France is about an hour west of Paris in the countryside near Normandy. In the late 1800's Monet discovered Giverny while riding by on a train. He fell in love with this quaint town and soon rented a home near the river. Later he purchased the home and spent over a decade designing and planting his famous garden. He diverted the nearby river to fill an area in the back for his waterlily pond and green Japanese bridge. Officials originally opposed his plans, but after finding out it was the famous artist they approved. Monet's garden is around 2 acres in size and the lush cottage garden near the pink and green home is filled with all kinds of paths, trellises, and flowers, smelling heavenly. The center of the garden is focused on a wide path lined with rows of rose-covered arbors. Monet spent much time outdoors painting in his impressionist style, especially scenes of his garden. Monet lived around 40 years in his home.
Monet's Waterlily Pond, Giverny, FranceMonet's Waterlily Pond, Giverny, France, Blk WhtMonet's Lush Trellis Garden in Giverny, FranceMonet's Rose Arches at Giverny 2Monet's Green Door Garden, GivernyMonet's Green Door Garden, Giverny, Black And WhiteLush Garden at Claude Monet's Home in Giverny, France 2Arbor Walkway To Monet's Home, GivernyClaude Monet's Studio Window, Giverny FranceLush Garden Path at Giverny, FranceDoor To Claude Monet's Home, Giverny, Blk Wht 2Door To Claude Monet's Home, Giverny 2Japanese Pots in Claude Monet's Garden, GivernyBench and Vines on Monet's Porch, GivernyArbor Path To Monet's Home, Giverny, France, Blk WhtArbor Path To Monet's Home, Giverny, FranceEntrance To Claude Monet's Home, Giverny 2Entrance To Claude Monet's Home, Giverny, Blk Wht 2Monet's Garden Path In GivernyLily Raindrops in Giverny, France

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