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Bradenton is on the west coast of Florida near the Manatee River which opens up to Tampa Bay. The marina in Bradenton is a great place to watch the sunset. Bradenton sits across the Manatee River from the city of Palmetto. Both cities are in Manatee County. Bradenton and Palmetto still have the charm of "Old Florida" that people love so much.
Calm Waters in BradentonStillness on the Manatee RiverSerene Sunset in BradentonPeace on the Manatee RiverCalm ReflectionsCalm Reflections, Black and WhitePier 22Pier 22, Black and WhitePier 22 ReflectionsPier 22 MarinaSailboat SunsetSailboat Sunset, Black and WhiteTwin Dolphin Marina in Bradenton, Black and WhiteTwin Dolphin Marina in Bradenton

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