Use Photos to Customize Cell Phone Cases, including iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7

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To go to my photo, "Tourists and Eiffel Tower at Champ de Mars, Paris" to use on a phone, please click on the photo.


    Have you ever wanted to have a one-of-a-kind look to your cell phone case? Have you wanted to give a customized gift to someone who has an iPhone or Galaxy phone? Do you know someone who would enjoy seeing a scenic photo of Florida or Europe on something that they use daily? Now you are able to do that right from my website!


   One of the companies that I have partnered with on my website, "ivoke", gives you the ability to choose a photo from my website to put on the cover of a cell phone case or folio wallet, and choose your own layout/cropping/etc. to get the specific look you want. This is available for the following products: iPhone 6 and 6S, the Galaxy S6, and now the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7. I think this is very exciting. The website provides a detailed description of the case construction which protects the phone. The images are embedded deeply into the surface of the case and covered with a protective finish which comes in both matt and glossy finishes.


Monet's Lush Trellis Garden in Giverny, FranceMonet's Lush Trellis Garden in Giverny, FranceClaude Monet's garden and home in Giverny, France is about an hour west of Paris in the countryside near Normandy. In the late 1800's Monet discovered Giverny while riding by on a train. He fell in love with this quaint town and soon rented a home near the river. Later he purchased the home and spent over a decade designing and planting his famous garden. He diverted the nearby river to fill an area in the back for his waterlily pond and green Japanese bridge. Officials originally opposed his plans, but after finding out it was the famous artist they approved. Monet's garden is around 2 acres in size and the lush cottage garden near the pink and green home is filled with all kinds of paths, trellises, and flowers, smelling heavenly. The center of the garden is focused on a wide path lined with rows of rose-covered arbors. Monet spent much time outdoors painting in his impressionist style, especially scenes of his garden. Monet lived around 40 years in his home.


To go to my photo, "Monet's Lush Trellis Garden in Giverny, France" to use on a cell phone, please click on the photo.


   This is how you customize a phone case or folio with a photo: First choose a photo on my website that you would like to use. (Watermarks will not be printed). A vertical photo works best, but you can also use a portion of a horizontal photo where you crop a vertical section of the photo that you will use. All the photos posted in this blog post will work. Photos that have some empty space at the top work well (so the main subject is not cropped out with phone cover openings). As you look at photos on the website you can save some as your favorites to keep in a collection so you can see which ones will work better with the layout of your phone. To do that click on the photo you want to save, then click on the heart shape at the top, and it will save your photo in your "Favorites". Later when you are working on the layout of your photo with your product shape you can switch the photo to one of your "Favorites" to see which photo works the best.


Flamingo FamilyFlamingo FamilyPink Flamingos at Jungle Gardens, Sarasota, Florida                              

To go to my photo "Flamingo Family" to use it on a cell phone, please click on the photo.


   When you are ready to work on your layout, choose your first choice photo and click on it. Hover your mouse over "Visit Shop", and the website will give you a preview of that image on products. Then click on "Photo Gifts". Select which phone product cover you want to make. Click "edit" to edit the layout. You may zoom in the photo, crop it, and click and drag the photo to move it to your desired location on the layout. If this photo doesn't fit the layout as desired you can click on "Change Photo" to view your Favorites that you had saved previously. Click and drag another photo onto the product image to see if it fits the layout as desired. When you are happy with your photo and layout, click "Save" and "Add to Cart".


   If you decide to switch photos after you have gone to the checkout page just click on the photo to start the edit process again. Have fun being creative, and I wish you the highest level of satisfaction and enjoyment with your new phone accessory!










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