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Images that have a black background and most likely have dramatic lighting. These are images that I enjoy to create, although they take a lot of time to do. It's my way of "sculpting" with light and shadow to accentuate shapes and make the image look more 3-dimensional.
Monet's Lush Trellis Garden in Giverny, FranceLush Tropical Growth at Pinewood Estate, Bok Tower 2AwakeSnuggledPurple PassionBromilead BeautyFlamingo CenteredFlamingo StillnessElegant Flamingo PreeningA Bee's MomentLily FireMonet's Waterlily Pond, Giverny, France, Blk WhtBlack and White WaterlilyPink WaterlilyWaterlily WarmthBanyan Grows Over StatueProtectedFlamingo MovesFlamingo FamilyLighthouse on Round Canvas

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