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One of the most beautiful historic Mediterranean style homes I have seen is Pinewood Estate at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. It's tucked away in a quiet, peaceful, solitary place next to the woods surrounding Bok Tower. It has beautiful tropical gardens surrounding the home with a fountain, stone walls, fruit trees, patterned tiles on stairs, and an expansive green lawn in the back cascading down to a pond. Every Christmas the mansion is decorated beautifully inside and out. Pinewood Estate was built between 1930-1932 as a winter home for C. Austin Buck, Vice President of Bethlehem Steel Co. in Pennsylvania. Up the hill and through the woods is Bok Tower, 295 feet tall, built in 1929 with 250 acres of gardens. The tower sings songs with a 60 bell carillon. The tower sits on one of the highest points in Florida. The contemplative garden is a very peaceful place where one can hear the tower music, see the image of the tower in the long reflection pool, and sit under many live oak trees looking from the high hill down to orange groves below, smelling the orange blossoms in the winter. It is a magical place to visit.
Lush Tropical Growth at Pinewood Estate, Bok Tower 2Secret Garden Bench at Pinewood Estate, Bok Tower 2Poinsettias at Pinewood Estate, Bok Tower

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