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Eze is a beautiful medieval village high on top of a mountain in the French Riviera. It sits on a high cliff 1,401 feet above sea level, giving visitors amazing views down to the blue Mediterranean Sea below. Eze is quite a charming place to visit with narrow cobblestone alleys, art galleries, and an amazing cactus garden at the top of the mountain where weathered statues of slender ladies are on display throughout the garden. At every turn down an alley or path the views are spectacular and full of charm. The area around Eze was populated around 2000 BC, and was occupied by both the Romans and Moors. The House of Savoy built up the town in the late 1300's as a fortified stronghold because it was close to the city of Nice. Nice sits west of Eze, and Monaco sits east of Eze.
Fountain Courtyard In Eze, France 2Fountain Courtyard In Eze, France 2  Blk WhiteArched Cobblestone Stairway In Eze, France 2Arched Cobblestone Stairway In Eze, France 2 Blk Wht

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